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A Hong Kong based investment specialist in UK new homes, with a presence in central London. Combining the criteria in this statement, it filters all other companies in the world. This is us. Yes, we are the only one.


UK’s largest developers – many of them listed on London Stock Exchange – trust us to be their channel in Hong Kong. This is how we have amassed over 130 new-build projects currently available for sale – the number of schemes exceeding those of all other market participants combined.

With that amount of information, a categorised and well organised system to help our customers find their ideal home would be essential. Hence the industry leading search engine for UK new homes was born.


A defining difference of our team is that, we actually invest in the market ourselves. Most of our employees are a landlord in the UK. This emphasises the enormous confidence we have in the UK property market. It is an element we as a company simply cannot be compared with.

Our customers can rely on our own experience in buying a property in the UK. We share our own journey like sharing with friends.


Another critical feature of our service. We don’t just sell, it’s all about after-sales. Okay, you’ve found your ideal home/investment. Who’s going to process the purchase for you? Is it legally governed and secure? What about mortgage? While you’re in Hong Kong, who will collect the completed property on your behalf and challenge the developer for a couple of marks on the wall? What about furniture installation? Advertising the property? Reference-checking the potential tenant? Collecting rents? Eventually selling the flat? What do you need to do when you receive the tax bill?

Don’t panic, we’re here to guide you step by step, and connect you with the relevant parties – solicitors, banks, furniture specialists, management agents, etc. And we charge you nothing, as we only send the bill to our lovely developers.


Essentially, we endeavour to assist customers in achieving stable rental income, sustainable rental growth, and admirable capital growth. With existing properties we are less certain about these aspects. Existing properties have been occupied. Furniture and electronics have been used. You can never be sure of the condition inside. With aging buildings, landlords are required to pay for the building’s maintenance collectively from time to time. On the other hand, new properties generally have 2 years interior warranty and 6-10 years structural warranty offered by the developer, the absence of need to pay for the building’s maintenance making the investment return more predictable and admirable. Not to mention new homes and new furniture attract more affordable tenants and achieve higher rents.

Furthermore, as a consequence of the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, the government is now strictly supervising the use of Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM) in construction. Existing buildings which are proved to have used ACM have seen their value plummeted, and the freeholder - who’s responsible for rectifying any associated issues – using the leaseholders (i.e. the individual flat owners) funds to do so.

New developments are constructed to the latest government standards. Focusing on the sale of new properties ensures our customers are not exposed to such risk.


Our projects match all or most of the following characteristics:

  • More than half of our schemes are developed by listed companies
  • The developer has years of excellent track record, having completed numerous schemes already
  • The developer is financially sound
  • Interior and structural warranty offered
  • Deposits covered by insurance
  • ‘Long Stop Date’ clause stipulated in contract – buyers can request their deposits fully returned should the property not be delivered by such date
  • Regular construction updates in the form of reports / photos / videos are provided
  • Off-plan new builds and completed projects are both available

Our slogan in Chinese – We ARE the undisputed no.1 specialist company excelling in providing the BEST projects, the BEST recommendations, and the BEST services, to assist investors acquire a piece of land in the UK – a growth and income generating one.

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