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Hong Kong Bill 2019-21 passed First Reading through the House of Commons of UK, it reveals that Hong Kong BN(O) passport holders might be granted the right of abode and even more if the bill passes eventually.

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Skipton Building Society released recently a list revealing the top 10 most popular postcodes for first-time buyers in 2019. According to the analysis of internal data relating to thousands of Lifetime ISA customers, found that Bristol, followed by Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Reading were the top five most popular places for first-time buyers.

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Migrants coming to the UK will need to have a job paying at least £25,600, qualifications and speak English under a new points-based post-Brexit immigration system. Low-skilled immigration will be made impossible. EU migrants' chances of getting a work visa will be the same as from elsewhere.

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London’s property market has sprung spectacularly back into life with buyers flocking back in record numbers after a three-year “Brexit freeze”.

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A spectacular regeneration of Slough town centre has been proposed, with Slough Borough Council saying around £3 billion will be pumped into new housing schemes.

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The Competition and Markets Authority has confirmed that domestic consumers have been overcharged for electricity usage, and it brings a huge criticism of the ‘big six’ suppliers who have been controlling the market over many years. To further solve this problem and the failing market, Nottingham City Council and Bristol City Council took a step forward and established fully licensed ESCOs (Energy Services Companies), which can control the energy supply and help to boost the economy.

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Preston has continued its positive momentum from last year’s ‘most improved city’ status, by being named the highest performing North West city overall this year, in terms of performance including work-life balance, house-affordability, travel-to-work times, income equality, jobs, and health, etc.

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Agreement is 'within sight' as talks stretch into the night – but France and Germany warn Boris Johnson they would still need MONTHS to iron out legal details.

Brexit 'faces being delayed until January even if a deal is agreed'.

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